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Pink Choker Set with earrings nad large Circular pendant

Pink Choker Set with earrings nad large Circular pendant

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The choker is composed of multiple strands of pale pink beads, providing a delicate background for the centerpiece. The central medallion of the necklace is a circular element with a white and gold pattern, adorned with kundan stones and surrounded by a ring of vibrant pink and green enamel work that creates a floral motif. This traditional Indian design is both intricate and colorful, giving the necklace a festive and elegant appearance.

The earrings replicate the circular design of the necklace's medallion, maintaining the same white and gold patterns, kundan stone embellishments, and the pink and green enamel details. They are sizable yet proportional to the necklace, designed to make a statement while complementing the neckpiece.

Overall, the jewelry set is reminiscent of the rich artisanal heritage of South Asian jewelry design, with its kundan work and enamel detailing. It would be particularly suitable for traditional occasions, such as weddings or cultural celebrations, adding a touch of sophistication and cultural elegance to the wearer's ensemble.

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