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Green Enameled Pendant Necklace set

Green Enameled Pendant Necklace set

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The set includes a necklace and a pair of earrings, both featuring gold-toned metalwork with intricate designs.

The necklace is composed of multiple strands of green beads creating a dense and rich texture around the neck. These strands lead to a central ornamental pendant with a geometric floral design. The pendant is embellished with a series of green enamel inlays, each bordered with a delicate gold pattern, and interspersed with white kundan stones that add a touch of brightness to the piece. The pendant also features a set of dangling elements, each comprising a teardrop-shaped green bead capped with a small gold-tone detail and flanked by tiny pearls, adding a dynamic and elegant aspect to the design.

The earrings replicate the aesthetic of the necklace’s pendant, with a square green enamel inlay at the center, framed in the same gold metalwork and adorned with a white kundan stone at the top. A single teardrop-shaped green bead dangles from each earring, complemented by small pearls, which ties the design together with the necklace.

This jewelry set exudes a regal and festive vibe, with its rich green hues and ornate metalwork suggesting a sense of luxury and celebration. It would likely be worn on special occasions, particularly those that call for traditional or ceremonial attire, adding a bold yet sophisticated statement to the wearer's ensemble.

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