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Cross Rectangle Shaped Pendant Necklace Set

Cross Rectangle Shaped Pendant Necklace Set

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The necklace is designed with thick strands of cream-colored beads that drape elegantly around the neck. At the center is a large, ornate pendant with a cross-like shape, featuring a combination of maroon enamel inlays and kundan stones with gold-tone outlines. The central arrangement of the kundan stones is reminiscent of traditional Indian jewelry designs, providing a vintage and regal aesthetic.

Hanging from the bottom of the pendant are several smooth, teardrop-shaped red beads, interspersed with smaller white pearl accents and gold-tone beads. These add a dynamic and playful element to the necklace, as they would move and catch the light with the wearer's movements.

The earrings replicate the central theme of the necklace's pendant. They are teardrop-shaped, with a maroon enamel inlay surrounded by kundan stones and a similar gold-tone outline. A single red bead and small white pearl accents dangle from each earring, enhancing the design's cohesion and elegance.

Overall, this jewelry set combines the luxurious feel of kundan work with the vibrant contrast of maroon and cream beads, creating a stunning piece that would likely be a centerpiece in traditional celebrations or weddings.

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