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Blossom Art

Bold Blue Beads and Pearls

Bold Blue Beads and Pearls

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The necklace features a series of bold blue beads interspersed with gold-tone filigree beads and lustrous pearls. At the center of the necklace hangs a square pendant with a clear stone, bordered by gold detailing. From this central piece descends a tassel made of multiple strands of smaller blue beads, culminating in a fringe of pearls, adding a touch of sophistication and movement to the piece.

The earrings are designed to complement the necklace, with a similar combination of blue beads, gold filigree, and pearl accents. They have a post at the top from which hangs a structured gold-tone element inlaid with smaller stones, followed by a tassel of blue beads similar to the necklace's pendant, also finishing with pearl details.

This jewelry set appears to be inspired by traditional designs, possibly with an influence from Indian jewelry aesthetics, known for its vibrant colors and intricate craftsmanship. The set could be worn as part of festive attire or for special occasions, adding a royal and exquisite touch to any outfit.

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