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Black Stone Pendant with Silver Kundan and Yellow Strands Set

Black Stone Pendant with Silver Kundan and Yellow Strands Set

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The necklace is designed with two strands of bright yellow beads that converge at a decorative centerpiece. The central element showcases a square black stone surrounded by intricate gold-tone detailing with a circular pattern. Dangling from this focal piece are several teardrop-shaped yellow beads, creating a sense of movement and an additional layer of color contrast. The inclusion of small white pearls and blue beads around the centerpiece and on the dangling elements enhances the set's ornate and luxurious feel.

The earrings echo the design of the necklace's central piece, with a square black stone encased in gold-tone metalwork and adorned with a halo of white pearls and blue bead accents. From this, a similar arrangement of teardrop-shaped yellow beads hangs, mirroring the necklace's design.

This jewelry set appears to be inspired by traditional Indian jewelry design, known for its bold color combinations and elaborate detailing. The sunny yellow tones contrasted with the blue and black make the set suitable for festive occasions, adding a bright and cheerful statement to any ensemble.

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